Brinks Encore

Introducing Brinks Encore Plus – New for 2020

New Boats For 2020

Introducing the Brinks Encore Plus, 2+2 Berth Boat. Designed for use on the Norfolk Broads

3 are in build for the 2020 season, and the first one will be ready for you in April.   As you can see, work is underway

Brinks Encore Plus Engine In Build 2020

Why name it the Brinks Encore Plus?

Brinks Encore is one of the most popular boats in our fleet. The tech has moved on since we built the last Encore 3 years ago and we wanted customers to be aware of the difference.

She’s got a new “common rail” energy-efficient engine, so she’ll use less fuel. We’ve updated the electrics with A BlueTooth sound system, wireless phone charging and touch screen dash. I’m itching to get a look a the tweaked bathroom design too.

Brinks EncoreWe’ve kept the best bits about Brinks Encore.

  • The twin sliding canopy, which enables you to keep the wind out and let the sun and fresh air in
  • It fits under all the bridges (although you still need to check the tides at Potter Heigham)
  • Doors at either end of the boat – making it great for fishing and fresh air
  • Bow thruster for easy mooring
  • Superior battery management systems

Did you know – ALL these Elite fleet boats have superior battery management systems.  Brinks Tempo, Brinks Serenade, Brinks Concerto, Brinks Quartet, Brinks Encore, Brinks Sonnet and of course Brinks Encore Plus 

What does a ” superior battery management system” offer you? Travel (or have the engine running) for 4 hours a day and the batteries onboard will have enough energy to power the following without turning the engine or generator on that evening.

  • lights
    hot water
    the oven for an hour
    charge your phones

Cooking a full 3-course meal might be stretching it a bit!

These are ideal boats if you like your peace and quiet. No need to run the engine when you want to drop a mud anchor in the middle of the broad or find that out of the way moorings. Just enjoy the scenery and soundscape. Many boats don’t have this facility.

Brinks Encore Plus is the boat to choose if you’d like to get to Hickling Broad or Dillham Cut. Its height enables you to get to areas other boats can’t reach.

A similar boat to the Brinks Encore Plus can be yours for a cool £165k from our sister company Norfolk Boat Sales

Brinks TempoToo Small

Not enough room for your family, Try Brinks Tempo, also new for this year.




What’s Next?

We’ll be updating you with new pictures as and when we have them.

If you’d like to book now, follow this link, have a look at our website or phone us on 01603781720.